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Getting Started at CrossFit Ripcord

1. Contact Us or Stop in Anytime…Your First Class is FREE.
Yep! You don’t need to “be in shape”, all movements are scaled to your level. Already an experienced CrossFitter and looking for a new home box? Take us for a test drive. Make sure you get there 15 minutes before a regularly scheduled class starts (see our schedule here) to sign in with one of our coaches at the front desk.

2. Sign Up

After your free class, it’s time to join CrossFit Ripcord.

We will discuss your experience, walk you through the options, and get you signed up. No contracts, and no fees. You can find our pricing options here, and see one of our staff members to get started.

Note: If you are coming from another CrossFit affiliate, and have completed a comparable level of CrossFit training, you may be able to skip Foundations.
Once you know where to start one of our staff members will get you setup, show you how to sign in for classes, as well as how to use our mobile app. You can download our mobile app for iOS or Android.

3. Complete Foundations Class

The CrossFit Foundations program is a small, 6 session class that will introduce you to the foundational movements, techniques, and terminology that will be used in the larger group classes here at CrossFit Ripcord. We will teach you the proper technique and mechanics to help keep you safe, allow you to move more efficiently, and stay active and injury free for many years to come.

4. Start Group Classes
Once you have completed Foundations you’re ready for group class. Stop by the front desk to see a staff member to get signed up. You can find our full schedule here. You can pick any class time that works for you.

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