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This class is recommended for all new and existing members. It is your typical CrossFit class run by a certified L1 or L2 CrossFit Coach. These classes are structured around the scheduled workout of the day with all members following instructions from the coach. The coach will ensure you are doing movements properly, help you with any scaling options, and answer any questions or concerns you have about the exercises being performed.

This class is recommended for any member who is interested in improving their Olympic Lifting skill set. It focuses primarily on Olympic Lifting and is a more technique based class. This is an excellent class for improving overall strength and form.

Happy Hour:
This class is recommended for experienced members only. It is run as more of a hybrid Open Gym/CrossFit Class. Members are free to workout and use the equipment as they please. During this time period a coach will also run the daily workout. However, the coach often participates in the workout and is there primarily to keep those doing the WOD moving in a smooth and organized manner. You may not receive the same level of coaching support in Happy Hour as you would in a typical CrossFit Class.

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